Sara Moser,

Owner, Director, BCBA, MA, Special Education Teacher

Sara Moser is the owner and director of The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), as well as a licensed special education teacher. Sara is a North Carolina native and has worked with children with exceptional needs for over a decade.


In 2008, Sara graduated from University of North Carolina at Wilmington with her Bachelor of Arts in Special Education - Adapted Curriculum and gained her special education teacher licensure. Sara worked in the Wake County Public School System for three years leading instruction in a self-contained special education classroom for children with autism. In addition to teaching, she worked as an ABA behavior technician for Let's Talk Speech and Language. In 2011, she moved to Las Vegas where she worked as a program supervisor and provided one on one direct instruction as a behavior specialist with Easter Seals. Upon returning home to North Carolina, Sara started her Master's degree coursework and began working as an ABA behavior technician for the Carolina Center for ABA and Autism Treatment. Sara obtained Master of Arts degrees in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Autism. She gained her Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst in September 2014 and has been leading successful programs for children with disabilities of all ages and levels in a variety of settings. She has also been consulting with teachers and BCBAs, as well as leading trainings to provide successful instruction for children with autism in school settings. She is certified in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and intensively trained in Verbal Behavior (VB), social skills instruction, Natural Environment Teaching (NET), Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Picture Communication Systems (PCS), augmentative communication methods, Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI), and North Carolina Restraint and Intervention Techniques (NCI). Additionally, Sara is highly trained on the common core curriculum and extended content standards curriculum that WCPSS currently uses within their classrooms. Working with children with autism and other pervasive developmental delays is Sara's greatest passion and is what she has dedicated her life to! The most rewarding moments have been when clients begin vocalizing appropriately to express themselves, when clients are able to appropriately join in with their family activities, when clients are able to tell their parents they love them, when clients begin to build and maintain genuine friendships, and so many more! In 2016, Sara was striving for a small school-like environment in which children, with autism and other pervasive disorders, could receive high quality and individualized ABA programs to help them reach their full potential and prepare them to be successful in least restrictive environments. With the love and support of community members and other service providers, Sara decided to create and open the positive environment she dreamed of in order to best help the children of NC! In July 2016, Sara opened The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis! Sara welcomes any child and family seeking help to come soar with the Cardinals!